Credit card payments now accepted for membership fees

Hoosier Region/USA Volleyball registration will open very soon and we want to make you aware of a change in protocol which will make life easier for our members and club directors. Hoosier Region will begin accepting credit cards for payment when registration opens for the upcoming season.
As in the past each individual member will go on line to register, that process with the exception of the payment method remains exactly the same. Once a club director has registered and cleared the background screen their ability to track members in Webpoint will also remain the same. However, all memberships will process much more quickly and background screen requests will begin instantly with a successful credit card submission. Club directors will no longer have to keep track of money collected from each member and send it to the region office.
Our goal is to open registration by early next week, we will announce the kick off date soon. We are looking forward to the 2013 -14 season, thank you for your support of our organization.
The Staff at Hoosier Region Volleyball

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