Club Directors and Coaches:

Just a quick reminder as try-outs begin and you are choosing the players that will make up your teams. USA Volleyball Rules for the upcoming 2011 – 2012 season will now allow you to designate and play TWO Liberos in each game. While they may not be on the court at the same time it could change coaching strategy. This new rule and others are covered here:

New USA Volleyball rules for 2011- 2012 season

The rules covering the Libero change start at rule 19.1.3. Please use this information as you see fit as it could possibly have an effect on how you choose players for your team rosters.

Please also keep in mind that the Hoosier Region Junior Advisory Council voted in July to allow the Libero to serve in our sanctioned Hoosier Region events in the upcoming season. The Libero will not be allowed to serve in 2011- 2012 USAV Qualifier or other USAV National Championship events.

Good luck with your try-outs and in the upcoming club volleyball season.

The Staff at Hoosier Region Volleyball