Hoosier Region Club Directors and Leaders:
Below are links to get you to USAV information on the 18’s age division GJNC to be held in Anaheim, CA, on April 27-29, 2018. Please also let this serve as your “heads up” that if you intend to enter the Patriot Division for Anaheim, the non-qualification division that will be contested at this event, the day to do that is coming soon on December 13th which is next Wednesday.
The Patriot Division entries for Anaheim open at 2 PM EST/1PM CST/12 Noon MST that afternoon, PLEASE NOTE THE NEW START TIME THIS YEAR FOR REGISTRATION. The history of these Patriot Division entries for the GJNC’s shows that being completely prepared when you sit down to get on AES to enter will greatly increase your chances of success. To be ready, please look into the following issues that could roadblock your entry, this is a bit of a mad scramble as everyone is signing in at once and attempting to enter all at once.
  1. Make sure you go to this event on AES well ahead of time and understand what all the roster entry requirements are in order to successfully enter so those errors don’t pop up while you are attempting to enter. Get your roster(s) in shape to meet those requirements prior to next Wednesday afternoon.
  2. Be aware that Safe Sport certification is a new USAV requirement this season for all adults so make sure the adults that you plan to roster have a current registration as well as Safe Sport certification, IMPACT certification (for all adult coaches) and their background screen in place. Some of those certifications (especially background screens that may take 3-4 business days to clear) need to be addressed immediately to be ready for next Wednesday. Below is info on getting these done, if IMPACT is an issue please reach out to me directly at msjrcoord@aol.com:
Beginning this season, IMPACT (for adult coaches), a current USAV background screen as well as a current Safe Sport certification (for all adults with junior contact) is mandatory in order to participate in USA Volleyball affiliated region activities and USAV national championship events. These certifications (if successfully completed) are posted in each member’s personal record in the USAV Webpoint system. Signing in with a user name and password will allow you as admin or the member to enter a record and view these certifications, when your record opens that area will look like this:
Current Certifications/BG Screening
Exp Date
 Background Screening
Safe Sport
If you do not yet have a current Safe Sport certification use the instructions below to register for the free Safe Sport course and complete that certification:
To get to the USAV system, copy and paste this address –https://webpoint.usavolleyball.org/wp15/intralock/login.asp 
you will need your user name and password to enter.
Once in the system look at the bottom of the stack of tabs on the left side under the “USA Volleyball Events ” heading and click on “USAV Clinics”. Once that opens find the second item down, “SafeSport On Demand: Two – Season Certification” and scroll to the right to register for the course.
3) Please scroll through the links below especially those that pertain to the 18’s Patriot Division entry coming up next week if you plan to enter. The Patriot Division entry process for GJNC Detroit (all other age divisions but 18s) is set for January 10th, 2018. The PDF you will see in this info covers Patriot entry info and more for both GJNC’s, GJNC Anaheim or the GJNC Detroit.
Link to USAV event pages:
Event home page:
Event manual page:
Patriot Division entry info:
List of 18s division GJNC national qualifiers:
Thank you,
Mitch Stemm
Hoosier Region Commissioner
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