Entries for the Patriot Division for the 2018 Detroit GJNC have been re-scheduled and will open on Wednesday, January 24th. Entries will open at 12 noon MST / 1 PM CST / 2 PM EST on AES. Here is the announcement from USAV:

“After testing and confirming with AES that all issues have been resolved, USA Volleyball has decided to open registration for the 2018 GJNC/Patriot Division next Wednesday January 24,2018 at 12pm MST.  Thank you for your patience.

Teams only need the minimum of 1 head coach and 6 players in order to register. Club Directors are able to adjust rosters after they register.  If a team’s head coach does not have all certification requirements fulfilled, teams may assign another adult member who meets the requirements of a head coach. Keep in mind, this will only work if that coach is not assigned as the head coach for another team in the event.”

Most of you likely already have default rosters set up in your AES account for each of your teams. It would be a very good idea to make sure the default rosters for each of the teams you are planning to enter in Patriot have incorporated in them the minimum requirements (including the individual coaches and player requirements) for successful Patriot entry shown below. Many of the events you have already entered with your default rosters may not have required so many details posted to successfully enter so please read through these carefully:

Here are the minimum requirements for the roster, coaches and players that must be in place within each roster for successful Patriot entry, per AES:

Roster minimum requirement for entry – 1 Head Coach and 6 Players

Coaches requirements: USAV number verified, email address posted and “night time” phone number posted.

Players requirements: USAV number verified, jersey number posted, L or R hand posted, Height posted, Position 1 posted.

Please check and prepare your rosters well ahead of the Wednesday 1/24 opening and reach out to Mitch Stemm at msjrcoord@aol.com if we can be of any assistance. Be on AES and ready to go prior to the Wednesday afternoon opening for Patriot entries.

Good luck and keep in mind that many teams who start on the waiting list for Patriot Divisions after the initial entry still get in and play in the event. Many teams that originally successfully enter Patriot re-qualify through USAV national and regional qualifiers and then vacate their Patriot entries to move to other divisions allowing the waiting list teams to move up and play in the event.