• Junior Club Directors, Club Officers, Coaches, Affiliated Junior Club adults and HR Certified Officials:
  • As of this (2017-18) season any adult member who is required to have a current background screen is also required to successfully complete Safe Sport certification in order to participate. Safe Sport is a United States Olympic Committee (USOC) mandated program which all national governing bodies of Olympic sports (NGB’s) such as USA Volleyball support and promote. The program is designed to better protect our junior members against abuse and abusive behavior as well as providing education for all to recognize the warning signs of inappropriate or abusive behavior.
  • Many of our adult members have already taken the course and received their certification as part of their IMPACT coaches training or separately by taking the free standing course. If you have successfully done so you will see it posted on the opening page of your individual record in the same area as your background screening and IMPACT certifications.
  • This season the Safe Sport training will no longer be part of the IMPACT program and will be taken as a separate course. If you have not yet taken the course it is available on line, it is a free course and should take approximately 90-120 minutes to complete. Here are the instructions to get to Safe Sport course registration:

If you do not yet have a current Safe Sport certification use the instructions below to register for the free Safe Sport course and complete that certification:

To get to the USAV system copy and paste this address – https://webpoint.usavolleyball.org/wp15/intralock/login.asp 

You will need your USAV user name and password to enter.

Once in the system look at the bottom of the stack of tabs on the left side under the “USA Volleyball Events ” heading and click on “USAV Clinics”. Once that opens find the second item down, “SafeSport On Demand: Two – Season Certification” and scroll to the right to register for the course.


The IMPACT coaches course remains a requirement for all                   member coaches, we will provide various options in the                         upcoming season to assist new coaches in gaining that                           certification.