Beginning with the 2016-17 season on September 1, 2016, a new HR/USAV protocol has been added for any adult who is required to clear the mandatory USAV background screen. In order to appear on a USAV national championship level AES roster adults required to pass the background screen are now also required to complete the USOC/USAV Safe Sport certification course.

USAV offers a free 90 minute course to complete the certification, the information on the Safe Sport program including the link to take the test can be found by clicking HERE.

Beginning September 1, 2017, (the 2017-18 season) every adult member throughout Hoosier Region and all affiliated USAV regions who are required to take and pass the mandatory USAV background screen will also be required to obtain Safe Sport certification. We recommend all adult members who are required to take the background screen be proactive and take the Safe Sport course now before it becomes mandatory in order to participate in the 2017-18 season.

(Note: Beginning September 1, 2014, Safe Sport certification was included as part of the USAV IMPACT coaching certification course. If you already have completed that credential your individual record in Webpoint will show Safe Sport as a separate certification in the same area where IMPACT, the background screen and other certifications are posted. If you received your IMPACT certification prior to September 1, 2014, you do not have Safe Sport certification unless you took the separate USOC/USAV course and it is posted in your record. Contact Mitch Stemm at if you have questions on this new requirement).